We approach each new project as an opportunity to create a unique architectural response to the building site and to our client’s wishes.  Our process begins with a thoughtful dialog between ourselves and our clients.  We then move to the site and explore its’ intrinsic characteristics, uncovering the possibilities that each place offers.  We study and document each site’s views, topography, solar exposure, prevailing winds, significant natural features, and context.  It is with this detailed site analysis that we ensure each project’s site specificity, uniqueness, and appropriateness. 

Our goal is to create an open design process between ourselves and our clients and view listening as a skill that is of paramount importance to the ultimate success of this process.  The design process should be one where our clients are listened to, inspired, respected, and challenged.

We believe it is time to think about building in terms of sustainability and promote conservation, the use of recycled materials, and energy efficient building systems.  Our goal is to create an organic form of architecture built with materials and forms that are of the site, reflect the context within which they are constructed, are shaped by natural light, and that will endure over time. 

We envision that through our spaces, one will experience the feeling of how something done well feeds the soul.  Our love for architecture and engineering shows in the quality of our work, the optimism of our process, and in the lasting relationships that we strive to establish with each of our clients.